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Natural Leavening Book Postponed, Blog Begins, Research Done.

Natural leavening is alive and well! European Universities continue to produce new, positive research about natural leavening, also known as sourdough. We have conducted insightful, original research with Old World Natural Leavening. Our goal is to provide an accurate, easy-to-follow guide to natural leavening. With new insight and this goal in mind, we have opted to add to the material in the natural leavening book.

In an effort to make natural leavening available to everyone, we may offer the booklets from our In Depth Natural Leavening Series on We will continue adding free recipes and helpful hints to the Dr.Dough Blog.

At the time of this writing, all proceeds from the sale of Natural Leavening starters and classes have been put back in to natural leavening research and education. We have funded small research studies, started, and built an inspected kitchen to legally make bread and teach classes.

We are essentially working for free, and happily doing so. If we have helped you (through providing natural leavening education and starters), will you write us a note? We love to hear from you! Please post your comments and stories about natural leavening here. We appreciate you!


If you need some mild natural leavening to “get started”, click here.

Amy McClean, registered dietitian, is co-founder with Matthew McClean, “Dr. Dough” of Dr. Dough and the makers of Old World Natural Leavening.  They have been researching and experimenting with natural leavening since 2006.  They have helped numerous “health gurus” and hundreds, if not thousands, of other people use natural leavening. Nutrition, including use of Natural Leavening, is one huge step to health that Dr. McClean emphasizes with his own patients.


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