Natural Leavening is a sourdough starter, but it does not have to be sour! Dr. Matt and Amy McClean both graduated with bachelor of science degrees in 1997. Amy went on to become a registered dietitian. Matthew pursued his doctorate in chiropractic. Now, with much clinical experience, they are ready to share their secret to restoring health with you. This book provides recipes and scientific backing for making your food this way–a compelling argument for keeping grains in your diet as nature intended. The McClean’s have not purchased a loaf of bread or bag of yeast since 2006. Now they will teach you how to properly prepare many kinds of recipes, using various cooking methods and a variety of grains.

Here’s a sampling of the recipes: tortillas, crackers, scones, pizza, sprouted bread, Essene bread, main dishes, muffins, corn bread, cake, cookies, pie, sweet rolls, french toast, crepes, croutons, waffles, German pancakes, Greek Donuts, pitas, bagels, English Muffins, French 3 Stage Pan au Levain, and No-Knead Bread!


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