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Naturally Leaven Ancient Grain – Ask Dr. Dough

Do you know where to get ancient grain, like Einkorn wheat, at a good price?  I’m seeing sticker shock with $4/lb & up.  As much as I use [grain], there’s no way I could afford that except for just once in a while.  Maybe I’ll incorporate it in but not exclusively.  Right now I have […]

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Natural Leaven Starter, Many Grain Varieties, Even Gluten Free – Ask Dr. Dough

Dr. Matt McClean, I’m wondering on all the different [Natural Leaven starter] grains…  why are there so many?  Like, why would someone use an oat start?  Or a gluten free start?  I’ve never heard of that before.  I think it’s REALLY cool, & it makes me want to order all of them, to be honest!  […]

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Harmful Effects of Grain without Natural Leavening

This grain is believed by some people to have been found in the pyramids of Egypt.

  The story is told that after thousands of years of storage in the pyramids of Egypt, grains were found that still germinated well!  Grains in their whole form contain natural preservatives so that they can still sprout after prolonged periods of dormancy and when conditions are right.  Unfortunately these natural preservatives often wreak havoc […]

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