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Natural Leavening Refreshment, Weight & Heat

Natural Leavening Refreshments and Weight

Inconsistent Natural Leavening Refreshment? Weighty Matter, Hot Topic. Hi Amy – I’ve been trying to get the natural leavening started and am not having any luck.  It’s been 36 hours and looks no different than when I started.  The directions say to stir it every 12 hours.  After the first 12 hours, it had grown […]

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Kitchen Scale – One of Our Favorite Things

We love, love, LOVE our kitchen scale for making bread. We find that a kitchen scale is especially helpful when using Natural Leavening. Why use a scale? When using volume measurements (ie. cups and teaspoons) your flour amounts can vary drastically.  If possible, we recommend using a kitchen scale.  We still use a kitchen scale after all […]

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