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Natural Leavening whole wheat waffle.


Kitchen Help for Natural Leavening

Activate Dry Leaven & Refresh Wet Leaven

Accuracy & Predictability, Weighing with a Scale

Making Mildly Sweet Starter

Natural Leaven Starter Stages

Doubled Volume Uses & Healthy Culture Times

Cure Not so Fluffy Flatbreads and Failed Loaves

Fear of Ferments- 8 Points to Change a Picky Eater

Sugars in Sourdough Starter Recipes 


Recipes for Natural Leavening

by Amy McClean, R.D.

Easy Waffles & Pancake Recipe

Amy McClean’s Cornbread Recipe

Freshly Baked Croutons with Italian Salad and Balsamic Dressing Recipes

Fast Batter Blue Berry Muffins Recipe

Overnight Ginger Crinkle Cookie Recipe

Naturally Leavened Loaf Bread Recipe

Quick French Crepes Recipe


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  1. Nancy Johnson says:

    Looking for your recipes for making loaves of bread.

  2. I would love your recipes for making loaves of bread. Last year I attended your quick breads and had waffles this morning. I am a pro at the waffles and pancakes. But I am really anxious to start making all my loaves with natural leaven. Also I remember the Dr. mentioning something about adding natural leaven to oatmeal in the morning. That would be interesting to post about.

  3. Do you have a gluten free bread recipe?

  4. Jennifer Richter says:

    I purchased your Old World Natural Leaven for Hard White Wheat and mixed up the water and leaven on 3/7/13. As of today, 3/9/13, my yeast does have some bubbles in it and had grown about 1/2" and that's all. It should have doubled in size by now. Any suggestions?

  5. Jennifer, we want to help you, if you still need it. Hopefully we’ve fixed some technical difficulties with receiving comments through facebook sign-in on our website.
    I believe your lack of doubling volume may be due to the flour you used. What type of flour did you use? Weighing your flour and water would ensure you get enough flour. If your flour is freshly ground and fine and you use volume (cup) measurements, you may not have added enough. I think your Natural Leavening solution will be simple. How is your Natural Leavening coming along? You can master Natural Leavening!

  6. We almost always make our Batter breads gluten-free including sweet breads, corn bread, muffins, biscuits, etc.
    The easiest way to get the best results with gluten-free batters, is to let them culture overnight. I think you may have instructions for converting batters in Begin with Batters from the In Depth Series you attended.

  7. The link is now up and running for Loaf Bread. Please enjoy!

  8. Kristine Jensen says:

    I have tried to activate my leavening, the hard white wheat. But I can’t seem to get it right. I have tried twice now and it isn’t working. I have used a scale each time and my flour was freshly ground. The only thing I can think of is that I used sprouted wheat flour instead of regular wheat flour. Is that the problem? I also live at see level.Do I need to make adjustments for that?

    • Dr. McClean says:

      We haven’t found a difference at sea level. Your issue may be the sprouted wheat flour. The Sprouted wheat flour will add additional enzymes and speed up the process. The enzymes can also affect the bacteria that grow. Natural leavening along with using sprouted wheat is wonderful. The flavor of the bread is a bit strong. Try getting your starter going with non sprouted wheat flour first and then using sprouted flour once it is activated.

      Dr. McClean

  9. Looking for your recipes for making loaves of bread.

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