Leaven Feeding Frequency, Use and Refrigeration

I just received your old world start in the mail and began activating it according to instrucions on Friday, Sept 7.  Once is has cultured for 36 hours I understand that I can put it in the fridge.  My question is:  How often do I now “feed” my start? And when I “feed” my start do I need to let it sit out on the counter for 36 hours each time or do I just “feed” and refrigerate? Noel


Good question.

ACTIVATING. You’ll never have to wait 36 hours again, unless you are activating dry starter again.

COOKING. After you have waited the 36 hours,your Old World Leaven is cultured. You may begin cooking! Make some pancakes or waffles right now, if you can. If it’s not the best time, put the Leaven on hold in the fridge. You can make pancakes, crepes, or waffles with refrigerated Leaven.

REFRESHING. After taking Leaven out of the storage container for your recipe, “feed” the remaining Leaven with more flour and water in the same container, if you wish. You will know you need to feed the Leaven if:
-your Leaven is almost gone
-your Leaven is flat, compressed, past it’s prime (and you want to make muffins, cake, or bread).

CULTURING: To make a healthy (“quick”) batter bread, leave Leaven at room temperature for 8-12 hours after refreshing with a non-glutenous grain. Gluten containing grains may be left longer for increased digestibility if needed.
To make a healthy flat or loaf bread, leave Leaven at room temperature to culture just until airy and doubled in volume–even if this occurs very quickly. The grain flour will further culture when the bread dough is rising. The total amount of time the bread dough cultures is 8-12 hours or more for increased digestibility.

For properly prepared grains and good health, repeat these Natural Leavening steps often:  cook, refresh, and culture.

Best to you in your Natural Leavening,



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