Classes and Leaven Help for Ok Batters, Not so Fluffy Flatbread, Failed Loaf Bread

Hi.  I know that you require taking the beginner classes before taking the bread making class. I live in AZ and really want to take your class. I would have to fly to Utah so obviously I cannot come to all the classes with a family at home.  What do you recommend?  I have your starter and have tried several of your recipes. The results are ok but not as great as you guys say it should be. Also I have not been succesful with any loaf bread. The flat bread I make is ok. Not fluffy though. Thanks, J.H.


Dear J.H.,

The Secret is the Leaven! Prepare your gluten-free or wheat Leaven to a light fluffy, airy, rising or risen, structured state. Make great batters like muffins, cornbread, cake, and sweet breads. For pancakes and waffles, the Leaven can be used at this peak or past it’s prime and falling, or even fallen. Learn the Leaven Starter Stages.Get to know the rise and fall time of your Leaven while making batter recipes. Once you have mastered batters, go on to master flatbreads, and last master loaf breads.

Amy’s Cornbread.

We are currently working on more natural leavening teaching materials for those who cannot attend classes.

May God bless you in your bread making efforts,



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