Just 4 ingredients!

Naturally Leavened Bread Secret Loaf Recipe

Just 4 ingredients!

Naturally Leavened Bread Loaf. Made with just 4 ingredients.

I know you have answered this question…but I just need some clarification:  If my yeast doubles in say 6 to 8 hours, (sitting on the counter after being fed) and I put it in the fridge at this point til it can get to the 12 hours for gluten grain (white wheat), then at the 12 hour mark, straight out of the fridge, can I make bread with it?  Peggy

Dear Peggy,

You have good clarification questions! I want to tell you a secret. This secret is for making amazing naturally leavened bread. Bread makers are trying to figure out how to make fluffy bread that their families will eat.  People want a healthier version of what they are already making or buying. Here it is. The secret is the Leaven! It really is. You can make fluffy loaf breads and flat breads with the right Leaven. So, how do you accomplish a peak, doubled in volume Leaven?  You have already figured it out. You have focused on your Starter Stages and Natural Leavening Doubled Volume Uses and Healthy Culture Times.

Natural Leavening can easily double in volume in 6 to 8 hours when covered in a warm room. Make bread dough when your Leaven has just about doubled in volume, if you like! This advise applies to flat bread and loaf bread dough.  For health, we are concerned with the total culturing time for all of the flour in the bread. The Leaven cultures extremely slowly in the refrigerator. You almost cannot count the time in the cold as culture time.  Lucky for us, refrigerated Leaven works great for bread dough.  If your Leaven doubles at an inconvenient time, stick the Leavening in the fridge, and pull it out when you are ready to make bread dough.

With flat and loaf bread dough, we always add freshly ground whole wheat flour to our Natural Leavening, along with a little water and salt.  This Natural Leavening cultures the whole grain flour that we’ve added to the recipe.  When making flat and loaf bread dough, we want all of the flour to be healthy.  So what is a healthy culture time? At the present time, we recommend 8-12 hours (68-78’F) total culture time for the bread dough.  The total culture time is defined as the time between mixing the dough and baking.  Simply let the dough rest to culture, covered on the counter, after mixing.  Do not expect the dough to appear any different in the first hour or two.  Do expect the dough to more than double in volume and become light and fluffy after many hours. Cooler areas may need more time and warmer places possibly can get by with less culture time.  After the dough has more than doubled in volume, you may form the bread dough, let rise again until doubled in volume, and bake.

Please, enjoy our Naturally Leavened Bread “secret”recipe below.  Click here if you would like to get “started” making naturally leavened bread and need some Natural Leavening and recipes.

Naturally Leavened Loaf Bread

So healthy, so simple, just four ingredients!  Makes 2 pounds.

 1)      Culture Natural Leaven to a bubbly, light, fluffy, structured, aromatic, airy state, doubled in volume from refreshment. Make sure Leaven is at peak performance.  Do not use deflated Leaven for bread dough.

2)      Mix the first 3 ingredients below and half of the flour.

1/3 C. (80 g or 3 oz.) Natural Leaven

1 1/2 C. (361 g or 12 oz.) water

1 ¼ tsp. (8 g or ¼ oz.) sea salt

3-4 C. (475 g/ 17 oz.) whole grain flour (smaller volume for course flour)

3)      Add the remaining flour a little at a time until the dough pulls away from the mixing bowl, without over-flouring, making moist dough. Use a scale for best results.

4)      Let the dough rest, covered, at room temperature for about 8-12 hours.  Form, rise, and bake according to the method that follows.

5)      Place dough in an oiled 8x4x2 inch loaf pan “seam side up” to oil top.  Flip to “seam side down” to rise.  Cover and let rise until almost double in size.  Preheat oven to 375°F. Bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from pan.  Cool for 30 minutes.  Butter or oil top, if desired, and slice.  Enjoy hot bread!  Store sliced bread in the freezer to maintain freshness.

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We recommended beginning with naturally leavened batter-type breads.  Click here if you would like to get “started” making naturally leavened bread and need some Natural Leavening and recipes.




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  1. Julianne Gibson Spendlove says:

    I might be ready to try naturally leavened loaf bread. I've spent time getting to know the leaven, and I'm ready to take a stab at it. Thanks Amy!

  2. Mindy Powell says:

    This recipe and instructions are different than the one I have…Did you change your master recipe?

  3. Julie Allen says:

    my bread is really sour! I thought that it wasn't supposed to be and I really don't like it.

    • Anna Hart says:

      I tried a recipe like this a while ago. I got it from someone when I was in Oregon and it was delicious, but I tried making it here and it turned out all weird. I wonder if it has something to do with the Utah elevation.

    • Julie Allen says:

      I know lots of utahns who make it, I think I might need trial and error… I am determined to get it right

  4. We have a few Master Recipes based on grain and if you’re making flatbread or loaf bread! The one you use is great! Mindy, by the adapted Dr. Dough recipes on your blog, myjourneytohealth, do you mind writing “by Amy and Matt McClean at naturalleavening.com” so that people can find us? Thanks.

  5. Matt McClean says:

    Amy this bread is amazing!

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