Naturally Leavened Bread Taste

We always get asked, “How does Naturally Leavened bread taste? Can you get your kids to eat it?”

Children are not afraid to tell the truth, right?  We were initially surprised that children LIKE Naturally Leavened Bread so much. First our own children chanted, “We want more ‘daddy bread’!” as they called it.

“This is the best bread ever!” We have heard many times from neighborhood children.

We thought, “Maybe these children have never had hot bread out of the oven before?”

But no. They return, even when the bread is cold to beg, “Can we have more?”

“Sure.” We know this is some of the healthiest food they can eat. The children just don’t know it.

Well they do not know of the health benefits until our children tell them. “This bread is good for you. It has good bacteria in it.”

Even when these children know it’s healthy, they come back, “Do you have more of that bread?”

So how does naturally leavened bread taste?  “Yum” sums it up. The bacteria break down the gluten and impart a more complex flavor than one might expect from these simple ingredients.  The naturally leavened bread earns the title sourdough when left to ferment longer than normal.  Some people with digestive disorders who cannot normally enjoy bread, report that they can enjoy the taste of naturally leavened especially when soured with no deleterious effects.

A slice of naturally leavened loaf bread is ideal for dipping in olive oil and herbs with a touch of sea salt and aged balsamic vinegar.  This substantive bread also lends itself well to pesto or a bowl of soup.  Many just like to use it for toast and butter in the morning.  We do not just stop at making loaf bread with natural leavening.  We properly prepare all grains through natural leavening including quick breads like pancakes, waffles, corn bread, and muffins as well as flat breads like bread sticks, cinnamon bread, pitas, and focaccia.

One of my nephews tried a piece naturally leavened naan, an Indian flat bread, that we had just pulled out of the oven. He looked at his cousin and said “That is good bread, you have to try some! It tastes like it already has butter on it.”  It’s not a comment you would expect from a 7 year old eating whole wheat without any oil, sugar, or eggs.

Natural Leavening


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