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Sour Starter Solution-Natural Leavening McClean

Sour Starter? If you want a sweeter starter, then a shorter culturing time may be your cure.

Dear Amy,

Please help me! I started the hard wheat leavening with flour and water and after 36 hours on the counter I made yummy pancakes. I added flour and water to the remaining starter and left it on the counter, but the next day I made pancakes and they were sour. I added flour and water to the starter and left it on the counter, but I haven’t used it today. I really wanted to eventually make bread or flat bread that wasn’t sour. What did I do wrong?!  Sydney

The most common culprit for “sour starter” is time–too much time. The Natural Leavening rises and falls with refreshments much quicker than it did with the initial 36 hour activation.

So the simple solution for less sour:
*Culture your leavening for LESS TIME for less sourness. Try 8 hours on the counter, for example, instead of 12 hours.

Some other considerations for sourness level:
*Baking soda helps “sweeten” batter breads.
*Maple syrup was made to sweeten sourdough pancakes!

Sour starter is great for pancakes and waffles, when you acquire the taste. Remember, sour starter is extra healthy!

Flat bread and loaf bread require Natural Leavening be cultured for even less time. Culturing at 68-78′F for 4-8 hours usually does the trick of doubling the Natural Leavening to make bread dough.

See Recipes and Kitchen Tips for more articles about Natural Leavening stages and appearance.

Amy McClean, R.D. has been blogging about her passion, Natural Leavening, since summer 2012. She’s been teaching Natural Leavening Classes since 2007. She and her husband, Dr. Matthew McClean began Natural Leavening in 2006 and haven’t bought a loaf of bread or a package of yeast ever since!


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