Throw Out the Yeast, Not Your Natural Leavening!

Every month I make hundreds of pounds of bread using natural leavening, also known as sourdough. It is hard to believe I once thought that making homemade bread was a lot of work! When I was first married, I was buying loaf bread at the store and a big bag of baker’s yeast sat in my freezer. Really, I had never tried to make loaf bread when I was younger. I thought about making loaf bread like Mom did. She used to make bread often and spent hours doing it. She would mix the dough, knead it, and knock it back once or twice. Then finally she would let the dough raise in bread pans and cook it. As a child, it seemed like this bread-making process took all day. As a child, I could not wait to sink my teeth into a few slices of hot, buttered bread. As an adult, this seemed, at the time, like too much work when I could purchase decent bread at the store.

Well, something changed in 2005. My husband uncovered a HUGE reason to make bread for ourselves when we found out about NATURAL LEAVENING! We found out about the health benefits of naturally leavened breads.  We found out the detriments of non-naturally leavened bread. We already knew the health benefits of whole grain bread.  We looked and looked, but could not buy whole grain naturally leavened bread anywhere. We found white sourdough bread and whole wheat yeast bread, but no whole wheat naturally leavened bread. We found people making white sourdough, but no mentors around to teach whole grain natural leavening.  We ordered an Oregon Trail Sourdough start and began experimenting exclusively with whole grain flour. We began with pancakes. They were great. My husband tried loaf bread. It was not so good at first, but he learned after trial and error. Finally, we had wonderful naturally leavened whole grain loaf bread.

We threw out the bag of yeast! We have not bought a regular loaf of bread since January 2007. Now, many years later, our family has made thousands of naturally leavened whole grain loaves. Yes, my children make bread. It is not that hard. The bread is perfect for dipping in olive oil with herbs and spices or topping with pesto or serving with soup or toasting for breakfast. Whole grain bread using natural leavening is wonderful, hot, healthy, easy-to-make, aromatic, delicious.


Natural Leavening dry starter can be sent anywhere in the world.   Natural Leavening Classes are available in Utah County.  If your group will be visiting Utah County in the future and would like to schedule a class, give us call, we’ll see what we can do.


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  1. Jodi Collins says:

    I live in Ely, NV. I bought some starter from your office and followed directions and my family loves my bread. today was my first attempt. i don’t think my bread even did any rising. it tasted very sour, and everyone still enjoyed it. i wish i could take your classes, but they don’t work with my schedule. i’m taking foot zoning classes in wallsburg utah. we meet once a month for 2 days from 5 – 9 (thurs & Fri) saturday we meet from 9-5. I was wondering how many students you need to hold a teaching class for me and anyone i could get interested? my phone number: 775-293-0988 i have spent the past 32 years making whold wheat bread and all of my children have had gas problems. i can’t believe all these years i’ve been doing my bread baking wrong. i’m excited and eager to change and i don’t want to use any more tradidional yeast, but i need some good training!! thank you! Jodi

    • Amy McClean, R.D. says:

      We would love to have you and your friends for a class. If you could find a 10 people to take the class, then we will find the rest to complete the class. Perhaps a Thursday early afternoon would work best?

    • Julia says:

      Hi Jodi!
      Did you drive to Utah? I live in Canada. Are any books or online lessons regarding baking with natural leavening?

  2. Julia says:

    Please, notify me when you collect enough people for the classes.
    I hope that its going to be online.Right? where we can buy a natural leavener?
    God bless your company and your business!

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