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The Secret is the Leaven

Learn how to properly prepare grains like our ancestors did and improve your health.

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Natural Leavening Help

Recipes & Help

Get to know your Natural Leavening. Make batters of all kinds-waffles, pancakes, crepes, cornbread, muffins, cookies. When you've mastered batters, venture on to flat breads and loaf breads!

Comprehensive Natural Leavening book to be published.

Learn the art, science, and history of Natural Leavening and how to incorporate Natural Leavening into your busy lifestyle.

Share Your Success

Has Natural Leavening helped you in some way? Tell us about it.

Natural Leaven Starter

Learn which Leaven is right for you. Find out how to activate dry Leaven and refresh wet Leaven.

Dr. Dough Blog

Sourdough Not Sour, What? The Secret, Natural Leavening!

Sourdough not sour? The thought would practically be sinning to a sourdough lover. It is possible to naturally leaven your bread without the sour zip. Just follow “Secrets to Prevent […]

Natural Leavening Refreshment, Weight & Heat

A simple kitchen scale really makes Natural Leavening more predictable and easier.
Inconsistent Natural Leavening Refreshment? Weighty Matter, Hot Topic.

Hi Amy –
I’ve been trying to get the natural leavening started and […]

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